Here are 10 insanely expensive foods Looking for something insanely expensive to eat? It costs around $19 (£15) per 100mg, which translates to around $19 million (£15m) per kilogram (2.2lb), making it the most expensive ingredient in the world. Back in 2002, a collector was willing to shell out an eye-watering $28,000 (£22,174) for only 20g (0.7oz) of tea. Domenico Crolla’s “Pizza Royale 007” – $4200 The 12 inch pizza pie is densely packed with an assortment of some of the world’s most expensive food ingredients, such as lobster marinated in cognac, caviar soaked in champagne, sunblush tomato sauce, Scottish smoked salmon, venison medallions, prosciutto, and vintage balsamic vinegar. The geese feast on a fig and acorn diet which results in natural weight gain but also considerably lengthens the foie gras production process. Fugu is a delicacy in Japan but parts of the unusual-looking fish, also known as a blowfish, are highly poisonous, so only highly-trained and licensed chefs are allowed to serve it. Because the water is taken from such a great depth, it is supposedly free from contamination by pollution and is said to help with weight loss and improve skin condition. Food is the basic necessity of all the living being, without food no one could survive. This sundae's chocolate syrup is made out of Amedei Porcelana chocolate - one of the world's most expensive. Caviar has always been a byword for luxury, but in recent years the most expensive beluga caviar has become even more expensive because the sturgeon it comes from is now an endangered species. A food truck in New York might hold the record for the world’s most expensive truck burger. See Also: These Are The Most Expensive Things In The World Right Now. Highly-prized and hard to come by, a kilogram (2.2lb) costs around $273 (£217). It’s hard, crisp and sweet but only about 100 of these prized fruits are harvested each year. Iran is the world's main grower of saffron, producing 95% of the global demand. It’s the world’s rarest, most flavorful and most expensive coffee. The truffle harvest fluctuates depending on how favorable the growing conditions have been that year. An oolong tea that only grows in the rocky soil of China's Wuyi Mountains, this drink's legendary robust sweetness and lingering woody notes make it special. People's understanding of the phrase "expensive food" varies widely. Only available for a few months of the year in one small part of Italy (the Piedmont area) they must be foraged by specially trained truffle-pigs (or, in some cases, truffle-dogs). It may come at a price but honey from manuka bushes is believed to cure everything from sore throats to superbugs. Bought by sushi tycoon Kiyoshi Kimura, the fish sold for double the price it fetched five years ago. Amongst the most expensive fruit in the world, there are several grades of melon - ranging from ¥4,000 to ¥10,000. Brutally Honest All-Time NFL QB Rankings (Montana Not Top 5), William And Kate's Relationship Has Changed And Now We Know Why, These Lazy Dog Breeds Are Perfect For Old People, © Japan Agricultural Cooperative Ishikawa Office. DO inspectors are sent out to sniff the ham to ensure it is of the correct quality to be classified as Jamon Iberico de Bellota (only about eight people have sufficiently well-trained noses to hold the jamon-inspector post). The crunch of the toast, ooze of the egg yolk with the perfect amount of salt, and the burst of salty, briny flavor and texture from the caviar is really a textbook example of how to make one expensive, elegant ingredient come to life. Foie gras is both an expensive and a controversial delicacy, however, this particular foie gras made by Spanish farmer Eduardo Sousa is produced without gavage, or force-feeding. The moose produce enough milk for about 660 pounds of cheese each season, and Mouse House makes three types of cheese from the milk—rind, blue, and a feta-type cheese. You’ll find it in steakhouses, sushi restaurants or at specialist butchers, where it'll cost you around $251 (£200) for a kilogram (2.2lb). Typically made of duck or goose’s liver that has been particularly fattened. Wagyu beef goes for about $100 a pound. Even though this mollusc can be caught in many places around the world, it's an extremely complicated process. Only produced on a farm in Sweden by Christer and Ulla Johansson, it's available in four varieties: soft, white cheese, creamy blue and feta-style. The flavor of these truffles is very different and is mostly served with the scrambled eggs. Bright Side offers you the chance to take a look at the ten most expensive food products in the world. Still, there are plenty of people willing to shell out $1,000 (£794) per kilogram (2.2lb) for the highest-grade mushrooms. 100ml of this specialty vinegar (about 3.4 fluid ounces) can go for $180. That’s really rare. True traditional balsamic vinegar takes at least 12 years to produce and is protected under the European Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) system. However, in order to engage your deepest food cravings, you will … As The Food Programme explores in ‘Britain's Secret Saffron Story’, the red spice is one of the world’s most expensive ingredients – worth more per ounce than gold. Made by cave swiftlets by binding moss, seaweed and feathers with their saliva, the nests can sell for as much as $4,500 (£3,539) for 450g (1lb). Pure vanilla is second only to saffron when it comes to the priciest spices. They’ve been known to go for $2000 a pound. Alba white truffles are a gourmet indulgence found in the Piedmont region of northern Italy and their high price, around $2,643 (£2,100) per kilogram (2.2lb), is due to their unpredictable growth habits. The most expensive of the prestigious To'ak chocolate bars is sold for $693 (£552) even though it weighs just 50g (1.7oz). Once butchered, the meat is hung for at least two years, producing dark red meat that’s sweet, nutty and melt-in-your-mouth tender. These rules specify that there can be no more than two pigs per hectare of land, to ensure the porkers can forage the 11 or so pounds of acorns a day needed to reach the required weight of about 350 pounds by the end of the acorn season. 10. White truffles are commonly found in Italy and are sold at the high price of 7000 euro`s for each kg. At Fleur in Las Vegas, Chef Hubert Keller makes the most expensive burger in the world. With only about 3000 cows certified as Kobe annually, and even fewer of these destined for export, Kobe beef is one of the most exclusive foods in the world—priced at around $300 a pound. Renowned for its delicious meat, abalone is one of the most expensive shellfish you could eat, costing as much as $500 (£393) per kilogram (2.2lb). Every dish has special ingredients, but there are some which are special and are the most expensive ingredients in the world for making some dishes. In 2016, the first bunch of the season was sold for $10,222 (£8,140). It contained about 30 grapes, each weighing less than 20g (0.7oz). They grow only in the mineral-rich soil of the small French island of Noirmoutier and are only in season for around a week in early May. These melons are traditionally given as gifts, frequently in perfectly matched pairs, and the most sought-after are exceptionally round with a smooth rind. With this list, you can too—if you have thousands of dollars and many hours to spare tracking down specialist suppliers, that is. The chickens are much sought-after in their native land and cost around $2,500 (£1,990) for a chicken. That’s why it’s not uncommon for these to cost $230 (MYR 1019) for an ounce. Then they're harvested by hand and have a distinctive salty flavor that is said to pair well with caviar. Madagascar and Indonesia are the largest producers but growing and harvesting it is very labor-intensive. Naturally, Almas caviar is sold in gold-plated presentation boxes and retails at about $25,000 for 2.2 pounds. Matsutake mushrooms are facing extinction in Japan’s Okinawa region due to an increase in nematodes, which will kill the trees these mushrooms grow under. Super-rare mushrooms, spices, and even potatoes have found themselves on the list of the most expensive and most sought after food items in the world. The reason of its expensiveness is its light weight and very less production in the valley of Kashmir . 10 of the World’s Most Expensive Ingredients | Mental Floss There you go, the most expensive out there. Densuke melons are auctioned off and have been known to sell for as much as $5,800 (£4,620) each. Atlantic bluefin tuna, which is known for its tender pinky red meat, is often used in sushi and sashimi among other dishes. Made from 24-carat gold, it’s available in the form of dust, flakes and leaves. In the rare event that there are lots of truffles produced, the price can lower slightly. The top saffron is Spanish coupe grade, which retails at about $20 for 2 grams. In 2016, a pair of Yubari King melons sold at … An individual’s concept may vary about the most expensive food in the world because for some taste reigns supreme, and for others, it may be a case of hefty price tags. This ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil from Greece is renowned for its distinct fruit flavor and low acidity. Juicy and sweet, Japanese Yubari King melons are hybrids of two varieties of the more reasonably priced cantaloupes. The amount harvested has fallen by half in the recent years, only hiking up the price. It texture is soft and smooth and taste is like Offal. The ingredients are ordered from the cheapest to the most expensive, according to price per kilogram (2.2lb) or litre (35fl.oz). Each flower produces about three red stamens which must be picked by hand. Most of the people love this taste and pairs with the most luxurious wine and the taste if competed with it. Unfortunately, if you'd like a sip, you'll have to wait until someone auctions off leaves from the original bushes as the production of this tea stopped in 2005. Sold as pairs, they’re considered a lavish gift in Japan, where they fetched a whopping $27,013 (£21,500) in an auction in 2017. The desalinated water is a seawater mineral concentrate and should be mixed with normal water before drinking. They're farmed at Coffin Bay Oyster Farm in southern Australia and are sold exclusively at Sarin's restaurant in Australia's Eyre Peninsula. A creamy smoked white cheese from Serbia, this delicacy can be sold for as much as $2,008 (£1,590) per kilogram (2.2lb). When you combine two of the most expensive items on any upscale restaurant’s menu to make a burger meal, you get food that costs enough to be among the most expensive foods in the world. Kobe Beef and Maine Lobster Burger – $777. If you like expensive fare, this is a great way to start your day. Kobe beef comes from Wagyu cattle raised in the Hyogo region of Japan and is well-loved among carnivores for its rich flavor and tender texture. Tastes much like Offal, it has a smooth texture and well acclaimed by foodies. Produced in Japan’s Ishikawa prefecture, top-quality Ruby Roman grapes grow to the size of ping pong balls but are extremely rare. The most expensive food ingredients in the world, which only a small number of people can afford to consume. The world’s most expensive caviar is the very rare Iranian Almas caviar, a pale-colored beluga caviar that comes from 100-year-old albino sturgeons from the Caspian Sea. A 59-acre farm in Bjurholm, Sweden, is a small moose farm with just three moose (named Gullan, Haelga, and Juna), who are only milked between about May and September. Produced from black Iberian pigs in the west of Spain, the special taste of this pork product is said to derive from the sweet acorns (bellota) that these pigs forage from the forest floor. The most exclusive pairs of melons are sold at auction and can cost as much as $12,400. by staff on September 20, 2011 Under: Food & Lifestyle. 11. At only $4.29 per serving — the company keeps prices lower than competitors by providing fewer ingredients per meal and simple packaging — Dinnerly is certainly one of the most … It makes sense that it topped the Huffington Post’s list of the most expensive dishes in the U.S. That must be one incredibly flavorful burger, right? Edible gold is one of the most expensive culinary indulgences. The much sought-after spice can be sold for around $3,000 (£2,390) per kilogram (2.2lb). It takes about a football field’s worth of flowers to produce one pound of dry saffron, and about 40 hours of labor to pick all those flowers. The most expensive Chinese food ingredients include Hericium Erinaceus, Bear Claw, Edible Bird’s Nest, Shark’s Fin, Chinese caterpillar fungus, Matsutake… When wandering the grocery aisle it’s easy to get stuck in the quality versus price dilemma. Trebbiano grapes grown in the Emilia Romagna area of Italy are harvested and the grape must (the pressed juice, skin, seeds and stems of the grape) is then boiled over an open fire before being stored in wooden casks for up to 25 years. The vegetable is costly because harvesting the tiny tendrils is back-breaking work, since each shoot must be found amidst a sprawling plant and gently picked by hand. A 500ml (17floz) bottle will cost you around $227 (£180), however, bespoke creations can cost up to $12,497 (£9,926). After slaughter the hams are hung up to dry, a process that can take up to three years. Saffron is the dried stamen of the crocus plant: Each crocus produces just three stamens, and each of these must be hand-picked and air-dried. The most expensive food is Foie Gras and it is not afforded by every person. Hugely popular in Japan, it costs $402 per 750ml (about 25 fluid ounces). The bar contains 77% pure cacao, which is harvested from Ecuador, and matured for three years. Priced at $666 a burger, it is made with the most expensive ingredients. One of the best and expensive ingredients known as “White Truffles” which comes from Italy. From gourmet mushrooms to labor-intensive spices and pork infused with Spanish mountain air, check out our list of the 12 most expensive ingredients available right … The cheese sells for about $400 or $500 a pound. Like calcium and iron, gold is a mineral that’s safe to eat and is often sprinkled into glasses of champagne or layered onto a cake for elaborate decoration. Edible gold is one of the most expensive culinary indulgences. These mushrooms are expensive because they are so rare, and are predominantly found in a certain part of Italy. Expect to pay around $180-$200 (£142-£159) per kilogram for ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder. These monster oysters, often called the steak of the ocean, go for as much as $75 (£59) per oyster. It’s a delicacy of salt-cured fish eggs harvested from sturgeon living in the Caspian, Adriatic and Black Seas, and is sold in small quantities for anywhere between $277 (£220) to $906 (£720) per 100g (3.5oz). High in antioxidants and caffeine, matcha green tea powder is finely ground and can be used in baking, juices or for flavoring ice cream or other gourmet desserts. List of 8 most expensive food ingredients of the world: White Truffles. Bluefin tuna from Japan often tops the seafood charts as the most expensive seafood in the world. Believed to have magical powers, the meat is said to bring good fortune and cure various illnesses. Coming from the beluga sturgeon, it is found mainly in the Caspian Sea, the world’s largest salt-water lake. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories. Among the most expensive dairy products in the world is the unique cheese made from moose milk. To be an albino sturgeon is rare, but to be an albino sturgeon aged over 100 years? World’s most expensive food ingredients December 9, 2017 December 11, 2017 Editor Gastronomy , Lifestyle From sniffed fungus to the bird’s nest from the caves, here’s the list of 5 expensive food ingredients. The preparation of food and its presentation to people in an elegant and stylish way is considered to be the great art. Only Bluefin tuna has intense marbling and a precise balance of flavors compared to other types of Tuna fish, due to higher fat content. Pound for pound, saffron is more expensive than gold, mainly because the harvesting process is so labor-intensive. There are several reasons why it’s so expensive. The most expensive ham in the world comes from Iberian hogs who devour around 7kg (15lbs) of acorns every day. The “no gold policy” about the most expensive food in the world definitely made our search more durable and valuable at the same time.In order to provide you with the most delicious food … Sometimes only one bunch per year meets the premium class standard and sells for up to $4,000 (£3,185), meaning each individual red grape costs $110 (£88). Although the fish is now listed as endangered species, which has only increased its price, it's still extremely sought-after. Top 5 Most Expensive Dog Food Brands If you want to give your dog the best food you possibly can, you need to decide whether or not price is going to be a factor. 1) White Truffle. The Champagne of beef, Wagyu beef comes from Japanese cows famed for their high level of fat marbling. It also runs a high risk of extinction so many countries allow fishermen to catch 20 per day. A 125g (4.4oz) jar of Labourdette foie gras comes with a $148 (£116) price tag. It is named as the most expensive food item in the universe and considered as the precious metal. From gourmet fruit and vegetables to labour-intensive spices and indulgent white truffles sniffed out by trained pigs, check out our countdown of the 30 most expensive ingredients from around the world. The dish is also covered with Parisian candied fruits, chunks of Venezuelan Chuao chocolate, chocolate truffles, even more gold leaves, golden almonds, and marzipan cherries. A kilogram (2.2lb) of high-quality vanilla pods will leave you around $515 (£410) out of pocket.