The hill on which the fort is situated has the height of 1500m. Search in site. Location. 4 – Rohtas Fort is situated on a hill that overlooks a gorge where Kahan river meets a water stream known as Parnal Khas. 3 – This is a wonderful place to have some great photo-shoots. Named after individual people: The fort was named by Sher Shah after the famous Rohtas Garh fort in Shahabad District near Baharkunda in Bihar (India), which he captured from the Raja of Rohtas Hari Krishna Rai in 1539. One can also easily reach Rohtas fort … The fort has been ruined and now cannot be accessed easily due to Naxalite activities. One day visit to Rohtas fort Near Jehlum (Dina). so, Rohtas Fort of Jhelum Pakistan, lost its prestige very soon. Taking some rest near Gujrat at the bank of River Chenab. About Rohtas Fort Rohtas Fort Showcases 16th Century Architecture. A. Jehlum. Rohtasgarh is situated on the upper course of the river Son, 24° 57′ N, 84° 2′E. On which river Rohtas Fort was constructed by Sher Shah Suri: January 16, 2019 by Admin. It can be reached easily from the Dehri town, which has very good road network. It is approximately At that time the place was unpopulated. Also Akbar built Attock Fort in 1583 at the bank of Indus River, which was more strategically placed to keep Afghan invaders out. Headquarter of UNESCO is located in: Major Non-NATO alloy is: Leave a Comment Cancel reply. Rohtas Fort is a 16th-century fortress located near the city of Jhelum in the Pakistani province of Punjab. Rohtas Fort was built in 16th century near Jhulem in Dina by Sher Shah Suri to help the rebellious tribes of the Potohar against Mughal emperor Humayun and Gakhar tribes. Comment. Rohtas Garh is one of the Vast, ancient and glorious fort. Rohtasgarh is situated on the upper course of the river Son, 24° 57′ N, 84° 2′E. The fort lies eight kilometers south of the Grand Trunk Road. Name Email Website. Categories Pakistan Study MCQs Post navigation. Rohtasgarh Fort is one of the ancient forts of India which was constructed in the city of Rohtas situated on the banks of Sone river. However, more tourism can be boosted by developing the area and by renovating the fort. He started the water to flow a spring using his stick. It is located at 8 km off the G. T. Road at the distance of 200 km from Lahore. It was great fun and enjoyment enjoy pics. khangeepakistani (khangeepakistani) 2007-04-19 13:39:00 +0500 #6. Rohtas Garh is situated on the upper course of the river Son. C. Soan. Rohtas Fort is one of the finest specimens of pre-Mughal military architecture. B. Indus. The sacred site of Gurdwara Chowa Sahib is showing its splendour outside Kabuli Darwaza (gate) of Rohtas fort on the river bank of River Ghan. 5 – Every year, thousands of tourists visit Rohtas Fort. Jagat Guru Nanak Dev Ji arrived here from Tila Jogian. Search for: Let’s learn more about visiting the Rohtas Fort and its history in this post. The other Rohtas fort (pre 1223 CE), is the one that has the history of Sher Shah Suri taking over it, from a Hindu ruler, by guile and cunning. Proximity to the Naxalite-affected areas has rendered the fort quiet inaccessible in recent times. A visit to Rohtas Fort Near Jehlum. It takes around two hours from Sasaram to reach the foot of the hill over which is the Rohtas fort. The Rohtasgarh or Rohtas Fort is located in the Son River valley, in the small town of Rohtas in Bihar, India. D. Haro. The fortress was built during the reign of the Pashtun king Sher Shah Suri between 1541 to 1548. This fort is situated near river son in south-east on hill near Akbarpur at 1490ft high and extended in area of 45 km.