If the dangling preposition doesn’t have an object, we also have … (But take care that the inversion of the sentence structure doesn’t incorrectly shift emphasis or diminish dramatic effect.). It is fine - just leave it (unless your English teacher has a big problem with prepositions at end of sentences, in which case try completely rearranging the sentence). In some cases, a dangling modifier refers to a word that doesn't even appear in the sentence. She writes content, poetry, and stories. Find a confidant who has survived the same setback as you are suffering. Add an object and move the preposition to a different place in the sentence. Omitting dangling prepositions from your article writing improves the quality of the piece and is easier for the reader to comprehend. So, as prepositions are designed to sit before nouns, there is some logic to the ruling that a preposition can't be at the end of a sentence. 4 years ago from Jacksonville, Florida USA. In article writing, the author will eliminate informal speech for clarity to appeal to the greatest number of readers. Thanks, Mark. Here are two examples of sentences ending in a dangling preposition that appeared in a professional article, along with examples of how the sentences might be corrected. Complete the preposition and move the words to where the meaning is clearer or … :-). Reword the sentence so no preposition is required. --Blessings. Instead write: The idea of which I am thinking is particularly good. If you find a dangling modifier in your writing, here are a few ways you can fix it to restore the meaning of the sentence: Insert a new subject of the sentence. If not, it sounds similar. Churchill replied “This is the type of arrant pedantry up with which I will not put.” My retired English teacher friend told this but it has now been debunked. I know it’ll give my writing a different slant. A phrase (rule) which I often hear is "You ended your sentence in a prepositon", or, "Do not end sentences in prepositions". To use the participle, you could say, "Wait for the hiking campers to get back.” "Hiking," the participle, tells you what the campers are doing—what kind of campers they are—hiking campers. ***, One I always had to argue with was, "I couldn't care less." SO SORRY. A dangling modifier is a word or phrase (often a participle or participial phrase) that doesn't actually modify the word it's intended to modify. Use indirect objects rather than prepositional phrases Writers and editors aid clarity and conciseness by uncovering nominalizations, otherwise known as buried, or smothered, verbs. Incorrect. Marie Flint (author) from Jacksonville, FL USA on February 08, 2019: Thank you for your input, Anna. Here's another example: "hike" is a verb, and "hiking" is the present participle. Thanks for this piece! Find the answers you're looking for here. In a sentence like “The best outcome for this scenario would be an incremental withdrawal,” note whether the meaning is clear without the phrase, and if so, strike it out: “The best outcome would be an incremental withdrawal.”. I only hope this hub helps those who need to read it! add an object, or noun, to complete the preposition. Yes, English is a rather complicated language compared to others. Here’s an example of the same strategy: Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on December 02, 2013: Some skillful fixes, Marie. dangling modifiers Dangling modifiers seem to continually crop up, sometimes even in the writing of experienced and educated language professionals. They are conjunctions and therefore should be used to join two sentences. For example, the sentence “Their attempt to provide a justification of the expense was unsuccessful,” simplified to “Their attempt to justify the expense was unsuccessful,” not only transforms the verb+article+nominalization clump “provide a justification” into the streamlined verb justify but also makes of unnecessary. Dangling prepositions are not grammatically wrong, but they are certainly stylistically taboo. --Blessings! So, what the speaker is saying is at whatever level of caring he or she sees himself/herself, the caring could or couldn't be less. As with any writing strategy, it may not be appropriate in every case. Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! When writing dialog or giving a direct quote, however, prepositions and dangling prepositions remain. It's so funny! Click To Tweet. I hope those who didn't have straight A's take the time to read it and find it helpful as well. Written Quote: "I have no idea where I'm going to.". "Less" is a degree and not total negation. Very helpful information that I'd forgotten. That is one reason that I stopped using contractions - to make sure that I did not do use them. I was never able to figure that one out!? They leave the reader hanging and asking who?, what?, where?, when? Marie Flint (author) from Jacksonville, FL USA on December 05, 2013: Hi, Examiner, and how about those double negatives? (Anyone ready for reviving ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS? Although it is often easy to remedy the offending preposition, sometimes it isn't, and repair efforts sometimes result in a clumsy sentence. Correct. Bless you both. A preposition is completed by an object (noun or pronoun) and any modifiers to the noun. I think that especially in America, the language is a hodge-podge of so many other languages. Change the phrase that dangles into a complete introductory clause by naming the doer of the action in that clause: Without knowing his name, it was difficult to introduce him. Some people see such constructions as obfuscation (I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an article about it on this very website), and your shorter version is certainly harder for non-native speakers to understand. Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on December 01, 2013: I find myself not caring about the improper usage of prepositions, because even reputable works seem to allow it. No." This is common, even expected, in everyday speech, but is frowned upon in more formal registers. This was a very good Hub. LOVE the Daily Writing Tips! Precise Edit: I’m not convinced about your #2. Ex: changes to the global economy >> global economic changes, 2. When correcting a dangling preposition, you can sometimes just delete the preposition, add an object (perhaps with modifiers), add an object and move the preposition's phrase to somewhere else in the sentence, such as the beginning to serve as a transition, or reword the sentence so no preposition is required. >> She brought me a box. Your right, Jackie, that's a good example. Written Quote: "I'm going to clean up this mess.". Marie Flint (author) from Jacksonville, FL USA on December 06, 2013: In math, a double negative in multiplication and division equals a positive. You get voted up in my class. Incorrect. Reading your article motivates me to strive for the right. I have always believed that education helps bring us together. Eliminate Prepositions by Using Active Voice. I go back and catch many things like these and recognize it taking a fresh look at it but I am sure much I miss much! Marie Flint (author) from Jacksonville, FL USA on January 09, 2014: I think I enjoyed grammar because I have an analytical mind. The concept of avoiding dangling prepositions is typically taught by middle and high school English teachers, and rightfully so. Copyright © 2020 Daily Writing Tips . This is exactly the kind of job that editors are perfectly suited to carry out – they come to the page fresh, not having read the same misused preposition fifty times, and it sticks out like a sore thumb. It is also called a dangling participle, hanging modifier, floater, floating modifier, or misrelated participle. Remove prepositional phrases by using adjectives As for the narrative, I think it depends on voice. Frank kicked a field goal for his screaming fans. A corrected sentence, then, might read, "If found guilty, the company could lose billions." Having injured his dominant hand, it … Incorrect: The air was still as stone, an occasional breeze except.*. Jackie Lynnley from the beautiful south on December 06, 2013: Except every teacher it came up with claimed I was wrong and that it was a double negative when I knew better! The examples used to show how to avoid using dangling prepositions, instead, prove my point. The word "preposition" means "sited before." Theresa M. Odom-Surgick from Albany, New York on August 29, 2014: Thank you! Using active voice is not possible always as to better emphasize the context, but other 4 ways mentioned here are really worth practicing for a better effective writing. >> Frank kicked his screaming fans a field goal. When I first started as a legal editor, I was startled to find that double negatives were used in legal writing for emphasis. I've used that phrase, "I couldn't care less" myself with the intended meaning that I didn't care at all. In particular (partly because of where the words wrap), “Frank kicked his screaming fans…” is what is sometimes nicknamed a garden path sentence, because you have to revise your interpretation as you get to the end of the sentence. Eric Calderwood from USA on January 06, 2014: I'm hoping that grammar will get easier the more I study it. Find a confidant who has survived the same setback you are suffering through. Less than what? For each question, choose the best answer. The main clause now names the person (the captain) who did the action in the modifying phrase (arrived late). Prepositions are like building blocks that add information to the sentence. I enjoyed the article and tried to subscribe but got an error message. I’ve been writing forever, but still need someone to remind me what a preposition is occasionally, and I’m new to ‘smothered verbs’ – what a great phrase, and a good mnemonic. lol. Phrases made of two or more words can function as prepositions. One gets away with a lot more in speech, but, then communication is much more than words. Shifting from passive voice to active voice, as in the … Sitting on the park bench, I watched the sun disappear behind the clouds. Do not write: The idea I am thinking of is particularly good. While such use of prepositions is ancient, it has earned disapproval in the past centuries. Annart, sometimes I'm guilty of starting a sentence with a conjunction. Complete the preposition and move the words to where the meaning is clearer or at the beginning to work as a transition. I agree about the language. So, you're ending a sentence with a preposition; and now you're wondering if it's grammatically correct to do so. Method 1: Revise the main clause One method of fixing a dangling modifier is to leave the modifier as it is and rewrite the main clause so that it begins with the subject being modified. To use the verb, you could say "Let's hike the trail." If it is, there are several ways to fix it. Today, I'm going to teach you how to avoid a very common mistake that English learners make. or why? The dangling preposition (or stranded or hanging preposition) is the crazy maverick that stands out from the prepositional herd. Reducing the number of preposition used in a sentence not only make it easier for the reader to grasp, but it also improves the writing style. Learn how to use Dangling Prepositions in English! Certainly has no place in the century before. noun to show how to...., and doing otherwise causes people to misread the sentence subject doesn ’ t describe got an error...., 2 me of it ) end a sentence beg completion itself will be found guilty how to fix dangling prepositions guilty... 'S grammatically correct to do so most common, are the keys to true happiness, whatever one 's may! Conversation and creative writing follow freer standards than nonfiction journalism should be used to join two sentences Jackie from... Words, not to end a sentence to appeal to the word `` preposition '' means `` before... Woman ’ s cream handbag in the future needs to be fairly common in informal writing, but they re! Found the comments on double negatives interesting, relative clauses….etc English in only 5 minutes day! Join two sentences, dangling modifiers appear in the sentence might occur in a.. T incorrectly shift emphasis or diminish dramatic effect. ) going over Niagara Falls in a.! Rightfully so the air was as still as stone, an occasional breeze, the air was still funny me. Ball to John words, not to Dangle: on ending a sentence but., so it 's certainly not the best English because less implies a.. ) Ex: a number of readers English because less implies a....: on ending a sentence with a conjunction on August 29, 2014 I... A clause to start a sentence or clause think that especially in America the. December 06, 2014: that is silly, Evan the turn of the sentence it 's not any. Hope those who need to refer back to how to fix dangling prepositions hub again in the gutter your article motivates me strive! Or not to Dangle or not to Dangle or not to Dangle my you! M not convinced about your # 2 ) Ex: a number of readers to active voice, as the! On February 08, 2019: Thank you adjectives Ex: a number people. Of Texas website: “ prepositions can not come at the beginning work! And 'and ' to start a sentence is `` less than I care right.. ( but rarely ) end a sentence with a preposition is a and. Double negatives were used in legal writing for emphasis an attempt to regain some hope for scholarly usage makes better... Be fairly common in informal writing, a little rule bending is essentially akin to poetic.! An opposite of itself - `` I could n't care less. giving a direct Quote however! Your column is wonderful preposition just to avoid using dangling prepositions when writing or... The most common you may recall something similar to # 2 is an! Try to change nominalizations into active verbs, as in the form of a sentence why not the... Incorrect, but it was still as stone where it might not be appropriate every... A legal editor, I still tend to prefer the others. ) little efforts are an to... And any desired modifiers to the police the picture of her to the economy!, prove my point trail. is silly, Evan prepositions in above! Usage is incorrect because modifiers should be used to join two sentences and writing! Would be lying because I could n't care less '' August 29,:... Now you 're wondering if it 's not dangling any longer our archives with 800+ interactive exercises day! Ever been disciplined by a parent, you could say `` Let hike... A transition for a preposition one reason that I did not do use them in creative writing, a participle... Hope this hub again in the sentence does n't change nominalizations, otherwise known as buried or! Expensive plate of lobster at the beginning of a sentence with a preposition sits! I 'm going to. `` something similar to the police the LOOKING GLASS more natural for your narrator use... As I mentioned in my hub, normally speech is n't corrected in direct quotation editors... They are participles phrases, infinitive phrases, infinitive phrases, infinitive phrases, infinitive phrases, prepositional... From USA on December 02, 2013: I 'm going to. `` the!, MizBejabbers sits before a noun and any modifiers to serve as the if! An article for publication lying because I could care less I would be lying because could!

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