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COLCCO has signed a thermal carbon supply agreement with the multinational PRODECO / GLENCORE.


Colcco's open pit mining operation is the responsibility of the company Soycar Limitada.


Colcco's main partners are:

  • Power Gen International
  • Santander Mining Group
  • Espitia Roman Ltda

Social Responsability

  • Committed to the community

    We are a company committed to the development and progress of the region and its people, which works permanently on initiatives aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals worldwide, as well as the plans implemented at the national, departmental and municipal levels, demonstrating that mining contributes to the construction of the future.

  • Capacity building

    We contribute to the improvement of public management skills and community production systems, in addition to strengthening local companies and suppliers to raise the level of employability.

  • Development of strategic projects with high social and economic impact

    We seek to transform the region with high-impact initiatives that allow us to promote the development of other economic sectors and build a future for the region.