Colcco SAS was established in 2011, under the direction of partners with extensive experience in the mining and energy sector, and with the intention of establishing an environmentally sustainable platform of coal mining in Colombia.

Colcco is a company focused on the export of thermal and metallurgical coal and associated infrastructure. We explore, produce, transport and ship thermal and metallurgical coal and high grade sell to select clients in collection centers previously agreed. Customers bound export it to markets in Europe, America and Asia.

Colcco has a marketable reserve base of more than 4.0 million tons, with resources (indicated and inferred) of more than 15 million tons.

Colcco has great advantages in coal quality, given its location in the area of preference Santadner.


Mission and values

We seek to meet current needs without compromising those of future generations.

Our mission is to lead in the creation, development and management of infrastructure, energy and water actively contributing to social welfare, sustainable development and the creation of value for our stakeholders.

Our vision is to be able to meet the challenge of achieving sustainable development across all our areas of activity, so that current and future generations to enjoy a better life.

Our core values include:

  • honesty
  • leadership
  • excellence
  • Concern for the environment
  • social responsibility
  • Focus on the long term
  • financial Strength
  • Customer orientation
  • innovation
  • Care for people